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New road transport tariffs


This message is to draw your attention to the following. As of 1 January 2024 Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam will be introducing two new road transport tariffs.
The tariffs, a Climate Tariff and a Distribution Surcharge including Distribution Premium, are designed to contribute to the climate objectives and to achieve a better distribution of road transport at our terminals. Please find below a detailed description.

Climate Tariff
The Climate Tariff is intended to realise a modal shift and to contribute in a broader sense to the climate objectives. The Climate Tariff amounts to €2.50 for each visiting truck and applies to the ECT Delta as well as to the ECT Euromax terminal. The Climate Tariff does not apply to zero-emission trucks, since they contribute to the climate objectives.

For years, efforts have been made to achieve a modal shift from road to water and rail transport. To date, this policy has hardly proved successful. ECT is considered as jointly responsible for the success of this policy and has been addressed on this matter. By means of the Climate Tariff, ECT is applying an additional means to work towards the desired goal.

With regard to the broader climate goals, the European Union and national governments are increasingly introducing more legislation and regulations to counter the disastrous effects of global warming. ECT not only supports this policy, but is also itself forced to make its own processes climate neutral as soon as possible. ECT is implementing a substantial investment programme that includes investments in greener equipment, increasing grid capacity and preparations for the construction of shore power facilities. Part of this involves the reduction of nitrogen emissions. It is an absolute condition for further development of the terminals. Visiting transport modes count towards the terminal’s nitrogen emissions. Therefore the Climate Tariff forms part of ECT’s sustainability programme. As mentioned above, the tariff does not apply to zero-emission trucks.

Distribution Surcharge and Distribution Premium
The Distribution Surcharge is €13.50 for trucks, visiting the ECT Delta and/or the ECT Euromax terminal on weekdays between 5:00 am and 7:00 pm. The surcharge is imposed for each visit. At the same time a Distribution Premium will be introduced. Trucks visiting the terminal during the night and/or in the weekends, will receive a concession of €4.50 for each visit. The combination of the Distribution Surcharge and the Distribution Premium has the following conditions: surcharge and premium are calculated separately per terminal per month and passed on each month. ECT does not pay out, but up to three night and/or weekend visits can compensate for one daytime visit.

Discussions with the sector have been going on for years regarding a more balanced distribution of trucks at our terminals. During the day it is extremely busy and at night and in the weekends it is quiet. For decades ECT has been open 24/7 to its customers, but very limited use is made of that opportunity. This has negative implications for both ECT as well as for drivers who may face waiting times. This regularly involves trucks waiting on public roads resulting in traffic jams. ECT therefore has no choice but to take extra measures. By introducing the Distribution Surcharge ECT wants to promote better distribution of road transport over the 24-hour day. By introducing the Distribution Premium at the same time, we are accommodating carriers who visit our terminals outside busy times. The introduction of this surcharge does not affect the ability of carriers to visit our terminals at any desired moment.

The invoicing of the tariffs referred to above will be taken care of via MyTerminal, the digital platform for ECT’s logistics information. One total invoice is prepared per month per terminal at company level. The individual company visits of the drivers of the operating carrier serve as the basis. The CargoCard serves as a means of registration. The invoice lists all visits by trucks that visited the terminals on behalf of the company (based on the EAN number) in the respective month. The Distribution Surcharge is automatically offset against the Distribution Premium. A breakdown at visit level can be found on the invoice.

In order to send an invoice, road carriers must be registered in MyTerminal with their EAN number. In the coming weeks road carriers will be approached for further information about the process and the steps to be followed. If you don’t yet have a MyTerminal account, we recommend creating it free of charge in advance via

And finally
We can imagine that you might have questions about the above information. We intend to communicate with the sector via e-mail, ECT app and ECT website. More information can also be found at via News/Dossiers, where up-to-date information will be posted, including ‘frequently asked questions’. A help desk has been set up for questions about the new tariffs, the invoicing and MyTerminal. This can be contacted via
Yours faithfully,

Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam

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